What Is the Client Loyalty Plan?

At Client First Realty we want to show our appreciation to clients who not only allow us to represent them in the sale of their present home but also represent them in the purchase of their next home. We do that by saving you thousands of dollars and still providing superior customer service.

How it works

  1. You list your home with CFR agent for a 1.50% listing fee.
  2. You purchase a home either new construction or a resale property using the same CFR agent
  3. When your CFR agent receives a minimum $15,000 commission on the property you purchase, you are rebated all the commission you paid CFR to sell your existing home, less $1,000.


  • After you receive your rebate you only pay a total listing fee of $1000.
  • The commission that your CFR agent earns on your home purchase is paid by the seller, not you.

Let’s look at your savings in this example:

Your Home Sale Your Home Purchase
Sale price: $500,000 Purchase Price: $600,000
CFR commission: $7,500 (at 1.5%) CFR commission: $15,000 (at 2.5%)
Your Client Loyalty Rebate: $6,500
Your Total Listing Fee is only $1,000

What happens if the commission your CFR agent earns on the home you purchase is less than $15,000?

CFR Deducts an amount from your Client Loyalty Rebate that will bring the commission earned to $15,000 on the home you purchase.


Your Home Sale Your Home Purchase
Sale price: $600,000 $500,000
CFR commission: $9,000 (at 1.5%) $12,500 (at 2.5%)
Your Client Loyalty Rebate: $5,500
Total Listing Fee: $3,500


  • Minimum listing fee is $1,000
  • Home purchased must be within 100 miles of home being sold.
  • Homes being sold and purchased must both be in California.

Full Disclosure

As you can see, at Client First Realty you receive the best combination of savings and service when you buy or sell a home. One additional factor to understand is Broker Cooperation through use of the Multiple Listing Service (MLS).

The vast majority of homes are sold utilizing Broker Cooperation.

By placing your listing in the MLS you expose your house to thousands of real estate agents. This potentially brings more buyer previews of your home, which can mean a higher sales price and a faster sale.

Your Cost:

You can offer a broker who represents an acceptable buyer any amount you choose, the compensation you pay is not set by law.

CFR recommends you set the amount at 2.50% of the sales price. This amount will keep you competitive with other homes for sale.

Now that you have all of the facts, let’s look at your savings.

Let’s assume that you are paying a 2.5% Broker Cooperation fee to the agent who represents your buyer.

NOTE: We are only using a 5% (not 6%) total commission charged by our competitors.

The chart below applies when you sell and purchase a home using the same CFR agent and CFR is paid the required minimum compensation by the seller of the home you are purchasing.

Your Home Sale Price CFR Fee Broker at 5% Your Savings
$400,000 $11,000 $20,000 $9,000
$500,000 $13,500 $25,000 $11,500
$750,000 $19,750 $37,500 $17,750
$900,000 $23,500 $45,000 $21,500

Note: The table above shows total commissions. They include the 2.5% broker cooperation fee that CFR and the Broker charging 5% would each pay to the agent representing your buyer. The Listing Fee paid to CFR remains just $1,000.

Final thought

We can provide such incredible savings and still provide great service because you have allowed us to represent you on your next home purchase. This allows us to sell your present home for just a $1,000 listing fee. Again, the commission paid to CFR on your home purchase is paid by the seller, not you.