Your Buyer’s Bonus Rebate

Active Adult SoCal not only invites you to explore Active Adult Communities on this web site, but offers sizable savings when you use one of our Client First Realty agents for your purchase.

When you use Client First to purchase a home, you can take advantage of our Buyer’s Bonus Rebate. Your rebate is equal to 20% of the agent’s actual earned commission, which is usually 3% of the sale price.

Purchase a Home from Our Preferred Builder and
Get an Even Larger Buyer’s Bonus

When you purchase a home from our Preferred Builder, your Buyer’s Bonus Rebate increases to 25% of your agent’s commission, adding significantly more to your savings. And you can receive even more cost-saving benefits provided by the featured builder – Learn More.

Example: On a Home Purchase with a price of $500,000

  • Your Buyer’s Bonus Rebate would be: $3,000 ($500,000 x .03 x .20)
  • Your rebate will be applied toward paying your transaction closing costs
  • Receive added savings by using our preferred affiliates for services

Sample Bonuses at a 20% Commission Rebate

Home Purchase PriceYour Rebate

Sample Bonuses at a 25% Commission Rebate

Home Purchase PriceYour Rebate

The above examples are based upon your CFR agent receiving a 3% commission. A minimum 2.5% commission is required to qualify for the rebate.

How to get the Buyer’s Bonus on a new home purchase

If you decide to purchase a brand new home from a builder and want the Buyer’s Bonus Rebate, a Client First Realty agent must accompany you on your first visit to the community. Your agent will register you as a CFR client. The builder will pay CFR a broker cooperation fee and from this fee you will be paid your Buyers Bonus Rebate. Simply contact us to make the arrangements. This fee will not increase the price of your home or reduce any incentives the builder may be offering.

If you register for the Preferred Builder Program you won’t have to be accompanied by an agent to visit the 55+ communities as you will have registered as an Active Adult SoCal customer in advance and will only need your proof of registration.